How To Customize Your YouTube Channel To Best Represent Your Brand

We're all about some good branding. We could come up with mood boards, branding guidelines, ideas, and make the whole party come to life all day every day (wait, that is what we do.) Just give me the adobe creative suite, an idea, and a week and you’ve got yourself some official branding that’s actually cool—don’t forget the iced coffee, no sweetener, and a dash of almond milk.

So feeding off of this love of mine, let’s talk about your YouTube channel. How’s it looking? *think about it. If it makes you cringe, keep reading*

3 Types Of Content To Post On YouTube To Position Yourself As A Thought Leader

With almost 5 billion videos watched on YouTube every single day, your content has to be good. It has to be relevant. And you have to treat the content as an extension of your brand... because it is. It’s a great place to grow and improve your brand image. So what are types of content you should be posting on YouTube? There are so many options, and it really depends on your company/industry, but I’ll give you some ideas to get the ball rolling:

The Best Resources To Find The Perfect Music For Your Video

Even though audio is saved as the final touch in the editing process, it’s still regarded as one of the most powerful aspects of video. Music can make or break the personality of the video. It can manipulate the scene to evoke emotions and make your audience feel the way you want them too. It sets the mood. It sets the scene. Here is a list of some of my favorite resources for audio and sound effects to use during the sound editing process for video and animation editing: